It’s no secret that maintaining an online presence means more for today’s businesses than ever before.

Whether out of necessity or convenience, customers expect to be able to learn more about your company, make purchases, and contact customer service without having to pick up a phone or leave their house.

As a business owner, you may have already invested a lot of time and money into building a comprehensive website that is optimized for speed, while still showcasing your offerings, but creating Facebook pages and growing your following can be just as important when trying to generate leads and close sales.

4 Benefits to Creating Facebook Pages

While you likely use Facebook personally to connect with family and friends, there are benefits to using this platform to establish and grow your business.

1. Building a Community

Despite popular newcomers like TikTok and Houseparty, Facebook is still the largest social media channel when it comes to active users worldwide. There is a lot of potential for organic marketing once you’ve established a presence on the platform.

Unlike paid websites, Facebook offers many free features that allow you to engage with customers directly, or post pictures and updates to your community of followers.

Despite its updated algorithm putting a focus on interactions with family and friends, it is possible to build your community without having to pay for advertising. Here are some strategies to build your business through organic marketing using your Facebook page:

  • Create meaningful content
  • Learn which times of day people are most engaged with you
  • Utilize hashtags – they’re not just for Instagram and Twitter anymore!
  • Reply to comments on your posts
  • Take advantage of Facebook Live and Facebook Stories to get to the top of your audience’s pages

Maintain a focus on high-quality content that your customers want to see. Inspiring users to share your posts will put them in front of prospective customers who may not have otherwise seen your page.

2. Business Tools at Your Disposal

Having Facebook pages allows you access to its free business tools. Features like Page Insights and Ads Manager let you compare your reach and demographics through organic marketing vs. paid or “boosted” posts. Facebook Page Insights also allows you to see which posts resonate with your customers by showing you which ones people interact with the most.

Facebook business pages also offer virtual assistant tools that allow you to hire employees, manage appointments, and create events directly from your page.

Retail-oriented businesses know that the more clicks a customer needs to make, the less likely they are to follow through with a purchase. Ecommerce businesses now have the option to convert sales directly on Facebook, removing additional steps in their purchasing process. Depending on the size of your business, you can create a small shop and sell products directly on Facebook pages.

3. Build Authority

While self-promotion is important on Facebook pages, they also allow for you to establish yourself or your business as an expert and a premium destination. Share helpful tips, newsworthy articles, and recent events in your niche to keep your page at top of mind. Set yourself up as the first person a potential customer thinks about when they are looking to resolve an issue.

As long as you give credit, sharing noteworthy information of colleagues in your field also helps to build your professional network. They may thank you by sharing materials or information about your business in the future.

4. Establish Your Company Brand

Yes, having your logo on your website, and possibly, business cards are solid steps toward establishing a brand. However, the more places you are seen online with consistent brand messaging, the more you will be remembered.

Facebook makes it easy to establish and maintain your brand through its pages.

Promote Your Mission

Facebook makes it easy for users to navigate through pages and view your “About” section. Make the most of this section by sharing a clear mission statement that pulls together everything from what your company is to why you do it and who you serve.

Storytelling has become an increasingly popular term among marketers, and having a story that resonates with your audience, while establishing your brand, can increase followers and engagement with your page.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Having a clearly defined brand message will help give you an edge over competitors. Be sure to develop a brand that sets you apart from similar businesses. Similar to social media platforms like LinkedIn, your Facebook page is a place to showcase your successes to give you a competitive advantage.

Define Your Business Personality

Establishing your voice on Facebook is another way to make your page a unique experience to your visitors. Decide if you are fun and quirky, outgoing and adventurous, simple and classic, or something else entirely. Your company’s personality should remain authentic to who you are, but should also become a style unique to what you are selling.

Take a cue from big brands that are established on social media and have a clearly defined company voice. The Calm app has been growing in popularity in recent years, and on social media, they provide soothing and inspirational posts. They want readers to find their calm and improve mindfulness. Whereas, long-standing big brands like Taco Bell relate to their customers by providing offbeat, witty posts. They understand that taco stands have become very saturated, so their posts aim to entertain and gain followers.

The Bottom Line

The time that you invest to develop an informative and interactive Facebook page is worth it to establish yourself in your niche and grow your business. Utilizing the free tools provided by Facebook will help you begin to better understand your audience and create more engaging posts.

As your business grows you will become better aligned to create develop Facebook ad strategies and take your business to the next level. Once you’ve established your business on Facebook, take advantage of other scheduling and graphic tools to further amplify your message.


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