Building a brand is paramount to your success. If you’re a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, you likely know that. Like, duh!

You may even know that creating Facebook groups is a great way to find your most loyal customers. Okay, kudos to you.

Many online marketers get about this far in their marketing plan and then stall. Why?

They may:

  • Run out of things to say
  • Not know how to repurpose their content
  • Have trouble finding the right customers

If that’s you, hey, we’ve all been there. Am I right?

But, what if you had a proven system to help you know what to say and when to say it. A system that helped you find your tribe. You know the customers I’m talking about—the ones that would follow you anywhere. The kind that would walk through hot coals while carrying their fattest friend-type-of-customer.

Would that type of system be valuable to you?

By now I hope you’re making this kind of gesture:

If so, continue to read because we’re about to break down the top five posts that 99% of Facebook groups don’t even use. The kind of posts that increase your sales and your reach at the same time.

Let’s dive in!

1. Engagement Questions

This may sound like a given. But it might surprise you how many groups don’t use this post in their Facebook group. If you’re not sure what an engagement question post is, no worries. We’re going to explain it in simple terms.

You’ll be a pro at writing engagement posts in no time after reading this.

Before we get into what engagement question posts are, let’s talk about why they help your Facebook group.

Engagement Questions can help you:

  • Identify who is likely to buy your product now
  • Identify who may be likely to buy your product in the future
  • Establish your avatar or ideal customer

Engagement questions help you understand your audience. It also helps you establish buyer personas. They let you know the typical age, habits, gender, and interests of your ideal customer. That’s valuable information for a post that only takes a couple of minutes to create. An engagement question is a question that asks for engagement from your customers. You could create an engagement question post using a picture, video, or even a poll.

Here is an example of an engaging question that received over 160 comments:


2. Story Posts

Some Facebook marketers only talk about their products, benefits, and features. That is a poor strategy.

Facebook group members want to connect with the brand. That can only happen if you show your members a little bit behind the scenes. Show your personality. It doesn’t even have to be a happy topic.

Another way to create story posts is to let the camera roll. Talk about an exciting, challenging, or monumental time in your life. It should apply to what you teach in your Facebook group.

3. Free Trainings

Why do people join Facebook groups? Why do you join Facebook groups?

Chances are you join Facebook groups to learn something new. You may also join to connect with like-minded people. Many Facebook groups forget that groups are all about a connection. Instead, they slap up a banner and a few posts about their products. Then they recycle the same tired material. No one wants that. The easiest way to add value to your customers is to invite them, nurture them, and offer free stuff. Everyone likes free stuff! Offer free trainings. It gives your members a taste of what your paid content looks like.  It also adds a TON of value.

So put together some content that leads up to your bigger ticket items. Then give away free content that gets them interested to learn more. After that, you can follow up with an offer that over-delivers.

Check out my free trainings here


Posts with inspiring quotes are another great way to engage your members. Like engagement question posts, quotes are a very simple and effective tool. To ramp up a quote post’s engagement, you can finish with a question. Asking other members for their favorite quote about the same topic. These are pretty self-explanatory, so let’s move on.

5. Personal Post – Behind The Scenes

Personal posts and story posts may sound the same, but they are very different. In a story post, you describe a story that connects to your personal growth or a challenge you overcame.

A personal story isn’t about your journey at all. It’s a post about a typical day-in-the-life of you. It’s not scripted or edited for users. It provides a peek behind the curtain about your typical day. It could be you out and about town, running errands, or something else. It’s a way for people to connect with the real you, not your persona on social media. It can be a video or a picture post. You could even do a Facebook Live post. Find a way to make it fun and engaging.


Five Weekly Posts to Boost Engagement and Increase Sales

There you have it! Our five weekly posts to help you boost engagement and increase sales. We’re confident this approach can help you.

It should give you all you need to increase engagement and sales.


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And how I did this with zero following and zero paid ads.

Two years ago I told myself I wanted out…

Do you remember the last time you told yourself that this 6 months will be your last 6 months at your current job? I did this over and over to myself and my partner Rebecca. When we first met, I was a server at a restaurant in town. I even put off asking her out for months because  I felt like she was too good for me. When we started to get more serious, I knew our jobs were very conflicting. As a school teacher, she would wake up some mornings to go to work and I would still be up working on my business. I would get home the restaurant after a double and she would be asleep already. I told her… 6 more months and I will be working for myself.

Two years later, enough is enough. I knew if I kept relying on that paycheck, I would never take the leap. I was tired of kidding myself, tired of lying to Rebecca and decided it was time. I came home from a night out at a Dirty Heads concert, after listening to the lyrics to their encore…

A-a-aye, I’m on vacation
Every single day ’cause I love my occupation
A-a-aye, I’m on vacation
If you don’t like your life, then you should go and change it
A-a-aye, I’m on vacation
Every single day ’cause I love my occupation
A-a-aye, I’m on vacation
Every single day, every, every single day
Every single day, every, every single day
Every single day, every, every single day-ay”

and I wrote my letter of resignation!

I had finally committed to myself, that I will never go back to working in a restaurant ever again. I sat down with all of my bank statements, canceled any expense that was not vital, and figured out exactly what I would need to make to keep bills paid each month. I figured I needed two new clients per month. Simple. I already had 6 paying clients at the moment and I wouldn’t have a problem keeping my head above water.

A month later I was asking to pick up banquet shifts…

I felt defeated.

Click Here To Enlarge

I didn’t want to be the manager who ran back to his serving job because his business failed. The truth was, running a freelance business full time was not my favorite thing in the world. I spent most of my days chasing down clients for content. Waiting weeks to get paid and most time months. I was burned out fast and knew I had to do something different. And along came

…The One Funnel Away Challenge

This was the most comprehensive marketing and sales funnel training out there on the internet. I had already been using ClickFunnels in my business part-time for over a year and understood it well, but the OFA Challenge opened my eyes to a whole new horizon. I refer to it as a “marketing degree in 30 days” because I learned more in that 30-day challenge than my entire college career.

I started to implement the things that this remarkable training was teaching, and I asked myself, “what do all of the people who are having success have in common?” They were all publishing. They all had a Facebook group and gave tremendous amounts of support to their communities. I followed suit!

I had my first 4-figure week and I was stoked!

I knew I was going to be fine. I just made what it would normally take me three weeks to earn, and did it in 1/3rd the time. I could get used to this! You probably want to know how I did this… especially without spending any money on ads, right?

You can read more about my 6-Step Process to Earning 6-Figures in 4 Months here. The jist of it is this… I created a community that was very specific to and could benefit one specific type of entrepreneur… funnel builders! My Facebook group is called Sales Funnel Mastery: 5 Ways to Monetize ClickFunnels.  I was so tired of people saying “I can’t afford ClickFunnels” or “I don’t know how to use the software to be successful with it.”

I created something that would help solve a major problem for these entrepreneurs. 

Thinking back to when  I first got started in using ClickFunnels, I thought, what would have helped me most? I would have loved to have straight to the point, easy to follow video tutorials all in one place. So I created my free course, Sales Funnel Mastery. This is an asset that I know I could sell, but I decided to give it away to everyone who joined my Facebook Group for free!

I made a small group of these people an offer to join me in my course beta launch.

I offered to build out the advanced modules of my course live with this group, offering them exclusive live mentor masterclasses from my very own mentors… 6 weeks of direct access to me to help them in all things funnel related. I was able to go on and have my first 5 figure week in my life!

My Facebook group grew to 3,000 members in less than 4 months.

I already knew that the fastest way to help people was to get them signed up to the One Funnel Away Challenge. This was the very training that helped me earn my first consistent revenue in my business, and I just knew this is where I needed to focus. I created a webinar video talking about the challenge and I made it the pinned post in my group. Every person who joined the group would get a welcome tag, and I would direct their attention to that training.  I went on to sell over 400 people into the challenge resulting in life changes numbers. Not only did I make over $40,000 in just OFA sales, but I was able to sign up over 100 entrepreneurs to use ClickFunnels software, making 40% commission on their monthly subscriptions, while earning the ClickFunnel Dream Car Contest in just over two months!

If I can do it, so can you… time to put in the notice friends.

I am not telling you to quit your job now, but if you know you are met for something better, and you are burning up inside to make this happen… then put a plan in place to escape the 9 to 5. Know exactly what it is that you need to do in order to reach your goals. Don’t tell yourself “I need to make $5,000 per month to make the leap”… Tell yourself “I need two close three new clients per month” or “I need t people to buy the ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets upgrade per month.” So again, if you do anything after reading this blog post, please go and map out your plan to put in your notice. It could be in two weeks, two months… but certainly, please do not take two years!

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Two Years Notice…

As you know, most people typically give their employer two weeks notice. I call this blog “Two Years Notice” because when I made the decision that I knew I wanted to become a full-time entrepreneur, it took me two years to finally put in my notice. I don’t want others to wait that long. I fully understand how hard it can be to take that leap of faith and just go all in.

I am on a mission to free all entrepreneurs of their 9 – 5 and support them in their goals because I know what happens when people like us go all in on what they are passionate about! When your back is against the wall you will survive and thrive I promise you.

The only regret I have is that I wish I quit my job sooner. As an entrepreneur, our biggest fear is having to go back to our jobs… but I know for a fact that if you follow your dreams, you will never have to do that. In fact, you can build an amazing team of your own and removed yourself from aspects of your business that you shouldn’t be focusing on in the first place.

Why give your 9 to 5 to someone else?

Most people want to be financially free, but only a slight percentage of people actually are. I’m sure you dreamed of spending your Wednesday afternoon rocking in a hammock somewhere in the Caribbean while taking a break at your dead end job. I’m sure you dreamed of doing something you’re actually passionate about while zoning out in a two-hour meeting. Why not make that dream into a reality?

We now live in a digital world, dominated by technology and the internet. Creating an online business has become so much easier. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “how the hell do I do that?” Well, simple really. As long as you’re willing to work and learn, this dream can be your reality.

A sales funnel helps online businesses in the most essential ways. Say you are really passionate about health and fitness and have lots of insight on how to successfully become fit. Why not offer a course that will guide others to achieve this goal? You would create a webinar, offer meal plans, specific workouts, and moral guidance to people who want to get in shape.   

You are doing a disservice to the world by not following your dreams!

I am not saying “hey go quit your job today,” but I am saying, start mapping out a plan to take your passion fulltime. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. You are costing the people who need your products and services… you are costing their families… you are costing your own family! I know its scary, I still have fear lurking every now and then but I just shut it down with daily action and goal setting. I encourage you to join my group and let me hold you accountable… join us here


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