February 2021


In this article I’ll show you how to:

  • Grow your Facebook group to 1000 members fast
  • Create a cover photo that stands out on FB suggestions
  • Create content that generates leads
  • Set up your content to nurture your leads into customers
  • Grow your email list automatically from your group
  • Automate this entire process


I’ve used this same framework I’m going to share with you to grow my email list to 12,000 people, and turn 2,000 of them into customers.


This will be the first in a series of Facebook Group growth hacks. This article will be more of an overview, covering the Facebook Group setup. The rest of the series will dive much deeper into Facebook Groups and show you how to prime and prospect members.


But first things first: why start a Facebook Group anyway?


Why Start a Facebook Group

The benefits are almost too many to list. Starting a Facebook Group is a great way to:

  • Get free leads
  • Do warm outreach
  • Establish your authority
  • Build a tribe
  • Grow your email list
  • Build a bond with your audience
  • Increase your likability and trust


On top of that it’s easy to manage and doesn’t require you to spend loads of money on ads. Okay, so you’re convinced. Let’s go over the first steps to starting a successful Facebook Group.


Setup Basics

The first question that probably pops into your mind is: what do I create a group about? Back when I was getting started, I asked myself: What am I good at? What do I already do professionally? I just went out and did that. And after a slew of failed ideas, I finally landed on something that works. So the most important thing here is for you to JUST GET STARTED.



The second most important point is to find a specific avatar to unite and teach. And finding that avatar doesn’t have to be complicated either. Why? Because that avatar is YOU, just a couple of months or years ago. Whatever it is your avatars, i.e. your audience are struggling with, you should show them a new method for solving it. In my case, that method was affiliate marketing.


After you realize what/who you want to start teaching, you should write down your mission and vision. Here’s what mine looked like:


Always remind yourself of your mission and vision, as they’ll serve you well during hard times.

One more thing I should mention: focus on ONE THING. I also made this mistake when I was just getting started. I tried to do a little bit of everything, from helping restaurant owners and people in debt to multi-level marketing. Instead you should focus on:

  • One offer.
  • One platform.
  • One message.


Do this consistently and watch your results skyrocket. Thank me later.


After you come up with your Facebook Group idea, you need to identify what makes your tribe different. You can fill out the quadrant below to define this. Feel free to use my answers as an example.


I call this process for identifying great niches REAL:

  • Relatable: It’s relevant to your story and background.
  • Earning potential: Offer you around 30-40% in sales commissions.
  • Alignment: Your affiliate partner’s mission and vision should align with yours.
  • Longevity: The product is going to be around for a long time.


So you’ve landed on a good idea, the next step is to name your group.



The name you choose for your Facebook Group has to meet some criteria. Don’t use your own name or make up any words like many people mistakenly do. The perfect name:

  • Keeps it simple and direct.
  • Makes it clear who you’re serving
  • Addresses the customer’s desires and pain points.


Take my group, Sales Funnel Mastery: 5 Ways to Make Money with ClickFunnels, as an example. See how it addresses each point in some way? What I want you to do is brainstorm words for each point, and dump them all onto a piece of paper.


Rearrange all of them to create a unique name. You can even ask your friends and colleagues to rate each name, so you have an easier time choosing one. But remember, don’t get hung up on this. You can always change the name later.


Cover Photo

Before you upload a cover photo you should find 10 groups you like. Don’t copy their content or anything, but try to understand them. Ask questions like:

  • What does their cover photo look like?
  • What’s their indoctrination sequence?
  • What do you like about them?
  • What don’t you like about them?
  • What are most members engaging with?
  • Do they give you any freebies?


Do this for several groups, and then take all of the things you’ve learned and put your own spin on them. In my case, I upload a new cover photo every week that promotes my live workshop.



Your name and cover photo already gives people an idea of what your Facebook Group is about. But your description is yet another opportunity to convert potential members.


Other things to consider when writing your description:

  • Be brief and to the point
  • Make clear who this group is for
  • Put your offer or freebie here
  • Add a resources & links section
  • Make clear what the group about
  • Tell the visitor what’s in it for them
  • Describe your mission, values and the transformation you promise


Pinned Post

Your pinned post is the first thing new members will see. This is usually your welcome video. What makes for a good pinned post?

  • Make it easy to read
  • Give a SHORT backstory
  • Give step-by-step instructions
  • Include a freebie/Lead magnet
  • Encourage questions
  • Add resources & links here
  • Ask for engagement
  • Continue on linked posts
  • Recap everything in a welcome video


You can even tag new members in it to make sure they read this post. Here’s what your welcome video needs to do:

  • Have decent lighting & sound
  • Set up the attractive character
  • Recap the written portion of the post
  • Give a short backstory
  • Tell new members what to expect/get out of it
  • Give them the next direction


Linked Threads

At the end of your welcome post, link new members to:

  • Follow Trains
  • Support/Contact
  • Rules
  • Resources
  • Contests
  • Trainings
  • Goal Setting
  • Steps
  • Assignments
  • Wins/Testimonials


Lead Magnet

This ties into one of my core beliefs in marketing: give people value upfront. Be sure to apply these principles to your lead magnets:

  • Make it something different
  • So good that you could sell it
  • Solve the avatar’s problems
  • Let them get to know you
  • Gets them a small win
  • Ask for feedback/testimonial
  • Leverage it


With all the basic stuff out of the way, let’s get into the technical setup of your Facebook Group.


Technical Setup

These are some of the technical tasks for setting up your Facebook Group:

  • 3 Questions
  • Set Rules: Do’s and don’t inside your group.
  • Guides: Turn on guides so you can add training videos to your group.
  • Approving and denying members
  • Welcoming new members


I’ll go into the specifics of a few of these.


3 Questions

To accept high quality members into your Facebook Group, you should ask them these 3 types of questions:

  1. Discovery: Find out where your avatar is in their journey
  2. Research: Find out how you can help your avatar.
  3. Opt-in: Ask them for their email so you can send them a freebie (and grow your list)



Welcoming New Members

You can do this by clicking on Write Welcome Post. This tags all the new members inside of the post for you. What I typically do here is tell new members to add my free training to their calendar and where they can find everything else, so they can get the most out of the group.


Growing Your Facebook Group

First we’ll talk about getting your first 100 members, and then your next 400.


First 100 Members

Here are some of the steps you should follow to get your first 100 members:

  • Find the most active people in related groups and build a relationship with them. Like and comment on their posts.
  • Message people and ask them to join your group. Don’t sell them on anything. Just invite them and offer free value upfront.
  • Ask them if they know anyone who can benefit from your group.
  • Avoid larger group owners for now.
  • Create an incentive for the first 100 people, the “Founding Members”.
  • Encourage feedback, questions


Next 400 Members

Working on getting the next 400 members isn’t that much different from getting the first 100. But I’d add these extra steps to it:

  • Do the work daily.
  • Focus on creating stories, profile posts, page posts and CTA’s that encourage people to join the group.
  • Start a competition to see who can give away the most of your lead magnet.
  • Get podcasts, interviews, summits where you can plug your Facebook group.
  • Host training and interviews in the group and post about them outside of it.
  • Again, ask others to share your Facebook Group.


Creating Content

Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is take  a few hours to identify new topics, and break those down into weekly trainings.


You don’t even need to be an expert on any of these topics. When I first started my group, I was just documenting my journey. Show people exactly where you are and document your journey every week.


First 10 Posts

Here’s what I want you to do in your first 10 posts.

  • Unite your people. E.g. Have them sign a pledge.
  • Defend them from the enemy. Throw rocks, call out, shed examples.
  • Start with a freebie and ascend up to paid.
  • Give them value packed training full of your best material!
  • Celebrate wins! E.g. Testimonial Thread
  • Ladder Post: Time to make your first offer.


Daily Tasks and Leads

In no particular order, these are just some of the things you should be doing every day to grow your Facebook Group:

  • Post to other groups
  • Comment in other groups
  • Start conversations
  • Make someone an offer
  • Add friends
  • Email your list and send them a bot broadcast


If you do this everyday, I guarantee you will see a shift. Suddenly you’ll go from manual cold prospecting to automated warm lead generation.

Get my Ultimate Group Growth Sheet here so you can keep track of all this. It has sheets for:

  • Daily productivity
  • Post types with examples
  • Posts to other groups
  • Lead organization



How do you make sure that all the members in your group are engaged?


Engage From the Start

You should be engaging with new members from the very start.

  • Use moderators and welcome posts to engage with members, and reply to their comments.
  • Message everyone who joins your group and ask them to turn on notifications.
  • E.g. Last one to comment. (these posts go crazy!)
  • Ladder comment posts
  • Ask about them. Find out what they’re doing, what they’re goals and struggles are. What they need help with the most.
  • Interviews and value packed trainings.
  • Create a welcome challenge. E.g. tag 3 friends in the welcome post for a prize.


What I do is find out where they’re at and what resources I can offer them. Then I follow-up weeks later to see if they have any questions. It’s only after I’ve gained their trust, that I invite them to join my coaching program.


Keep Engagement Up

Getting engagement is one thing. Keeping it up is another. For this you need to:

  • Be consistent everywhere: stories, posting in groups/on your profile
  • Tell your story! Open up and relate.
  • Make engaging posts
  • Encourage questions and group participation.
  • Tag people who the content is relevant to
  • Make story posts, behind the scenes, results, testimonials, recaps
  • Keep bringing the value!


If you want me to help you build all of this out, get fully setup for success here.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how to use your Facebook profile to generate unlimited organic leads from Facebook. I’ve been able to grow my Facebook group with almost 100% organic traffic and I want to share with you how you can do the same.


It all starts with your Facebook profile funnel. This is your free online billboard, this is your digital real estate…

Here’s what we’re going to cover:


🚀 Create a cover photo that clearly communicates your offer

🚀 Write your marketing statement in your bio

🚀 Where to link to your group/sales funnel opt-in page

🚀 How to position your featured photo area

🚀 How to create content that generates leads

🚀 My checklist and implementation strategy

🚀 How to hire a designer for only $10

🚀 and much more!


Let’s get started.

Step 1: Create a cover photo that clearly communicates your offer

The old fashioned way to market yourself was via these old outdated marketing ads inside newspapers and direct mail and billboards. Those don’t work anymore because they’re not really tangible. They’re not really relatable. You can’t really measure it, there’s no way to attract success there.


The modern way is to optimize the cover photo on your Facebook profile and provide a call to action.


Here’s an example of what you could say on your cover photo:


“Want to learn how to make six figures for free? And get my online course? Join my challenge today. Link in description.”


Then when someone clicks on your cover photo, it shows the description and that’s where you link to your Facebook group and the challenge or event you’re promoting.


So what makes a great cover photo? One that has a clear question or statement that connects with your audience and repels those you don’t want to work with.


You also want to make sure that it’s not busy or cluttered so that people leave as soon as they see it. We want it to be visually appealing but clear to read.


Think: How can you say more with less words?


The next part of making your cover photo great is to include social proof and credibility. If you have it. And if you don’t? Provide a list of the things you’ll be offering them in your free group. Or you could showcase a free training or PDF they are getting then they join.


Keep it simple.


Don’t use fake buttons. You want to have something like “Link in description” so that they click on the image. And when they do that the description is going to pop up and you’re going to have a link.


I see so many people have a cover photo that has a great call to action on it or even put the website URL on the cover photo… but very few people are actually going to type that into their browser. They want a link they can click on.


Lastly, and this depends on your audience, it pays to make sure that your cover photo is optimized for mobile. I personally don’t do this because my avatar is people who are at their workstations on a desk PC or laptop. I don’t really want people who are on the run, on their mobile. It’s about getting people’s full attention while they are in my Facebook group.


I include the link to my Facebook group in my profile photo description too, in my bio, and in my cover photo. I make it really easy for people to find my Facebook group. You’ll want to do the same.


Let’s talk about creating your own photo. I currently create my cover photos on It doesn’t take me very long. But if you’re not great with graphics or you don’t want to learn, you can work with my designer on His profile is “epicgraphic90” and he charges $10 to do this for you.

Don’t forget your profile photo

Ok, now that you’ve got your cover photo sorted, let’s talk about your profile photo real quick. Don’t have no photo or a photo of your cat, dog, family picture, or illustration. Remember, we’re optimizing our Facebook profile to get leads so we’ve got to present a professional image… it doesn’t need to be stiff, but it does need to be a photo of you.


Be yourself. Be authentic.


Go for a clear, professional-looking photo of yourself. Smile! You want to look friendly, fun, and approachable.


If you can, have social proof and credibility or doing something fun to show off your lifestyle. It should be a recent and updated photo of you.


Make sure you include a link in the description, just like you did in the cover photo.

Step 2: Write your marketing statement in your bio

Let’s make sure you’re not doing this… don’t have a list of all the links you have. A confused mind says no! The goal is to have one link only and that should be to your Facebook Group.


But it doesn’t stop there. You want to make sure that you have a clear intro that explains what you do. Simple is better. Less words is more.


A clear call to action to your Facebook Group. Social proof (how many followers).


Here’s some examples of what to write:

Step 3: How to position your featured photo area

You might not even know you have a featured photo area. If you take a quick look right now, it’s likely that you’ll see photos of your family and friends. And while these are great, we’re focused on using our Facebook profile to grow our businesses.

Our friends and family don’t pay the bills, right?!


The goal is to show people what you do and how you do it and you can do that in the featured photo area.


You’ll want to include images that have the link to your website on them. An image of your course, an image that shows credibility. An image that shows what they get when they join your group. Maybe an arrow pointing at your link (as shown above). Always include the link information in the description too.


You can use to create these images. You have space for 9.


Step 4: How to create content that generates leads

Now that your photos and bio are all updated, let’s talk about your Facebook timeline.


First things first. You’ll only want to allow posts from you. You’ll need to change your profile settings to “approve posts” when someone tags you so that you can control what’s shared on your timeline from others.


Then you’ll want to create content around consistent messaging. You should have five key areas that you can talk about. This is about how you want to communicate and relate to people. It can be a mixture of personal and business stuff. Just keep it consistent.


You’ll want to mix up the type of content you share. Do story posts, social proof, promos, education, and lives.


The best content that generates leads are things like a comment for a value post, a launch post, “I’m opening up X spots” etc.


Now that you understand the steps you need to cover, it’s time to take action.


The best thing about Facebook, other than the ability to remain connected to family in friends in the throes of a pandemic, is the potential it has as a powerful marketing tool. Thousands of businesses, both large and small, use Facebook to turn strangers into clients through organic marketing.


If you utilize the platform correctly, you can turn your Facebook Group, Facebook page, or Facebook profile into a lucrative marketing outlet. However, many people have no idea how to do so, and therefore they fail to see results.


A Quick Breakdown of Facebook Groups, Pages, and Profiles

Every aspect that Facebook has allowing you to build a profile is different. Before you attempt to market yourself on the platform, you should know what makes them distinctive from one another.



Facebook offers its group tool for friends and acquaintances to gather to discuss a topic. Groups can be about almost anything, ranging from discount clothing exchanges to the newest digital marketing advancements. They provide a remarkable space to talk about your products and services.



A Facebook profile is typically more personal than a group, and this is a space for you to share personal information about yourself. Technically, profiles work for business use, but many people keep it separate. This part all comes down to personal preference.



Pages are the original Facebook hotspot for businesses. You can create a Facebook page regarding almost anything you’d like, and followers can like and follow for more content.


There is a wrong and a right way to get started when it comes to the utilization of Facebook marketing. Right now, I’ll talk you through the best ways to consistently gain free leads from Facebook.

Profiles, Groups, and Pages: Which Method Will Make You Money

We’ll begin with the creation of Facebook pages, profiles, and groups. You have to know where to start and why because it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost along the way. Before you make a 2nd profile (don’t do that!) or get started on your business page, let’s take it from the top.


Priming Your Facebook Feed

In about 15 to 30 minutes each day, you can prime your Facebook feed to make the algorithm work in your favor. If you haven’t maxed out your friend count, that’s where you want to begin.


Add friends that are of quality and engage in your content as you engage in theirs. Once you’ve become friends, watch, react, and comment on their stories. You should do the same with relevant posts they’ve got on their timelines, and remember to be authentic. Use the browser extension Multiple Tools for Facebook to regularly clean up your friends’ list and add friends automatically.


When you’ve connected on common ground, it’s time to reach out with a Facebook message. This is not the place to use Facebook marketing automation software because you want to thank them for personally liking your content. End your message with a genuine question that they want to answer, encouraging them to respond.


Also, an excellent trick for priming your feed includes the Facebook Happy Birthday tool. Go to the birthdays’ section and leave a genuine comment on each friend’s profile having a birthday. Let Facebook know who you want to socialize with, and change up your feeds’ algorithm by doing so.


Look for Inspiration in Friends’ Feeds

While you’re priming your feed, be sure to look around for inspiration because it’s everywhere! This is a relatively simple process and begins with creating a folder specifically for inspiration on your Google Drive.


On your inspiration hunt, look for posts that have over 100 engagements, and take a screenshot. Save the screenshot to your folder, and ask yourself why it drove so much attention. This method is honestly one of the best ways to learn marketing and copywriting.


Remember, don’t copy other posts. You’ve got to be original in your approach, and you can refer to this folder on the days you’re batching content. If you’re unfamiliar with batching, it means to make your content for the month all in one day, typically the 1st of the month.


Keep it Simple and Stay Focused

The truth is, you can make six figures yearly through your original Facebook profile alone. You should never create a 2nd profile because you can risk getting shut down by Facebook, as it’s against their TOS.


If you don’t want your friends, family, and co-workers to see your business-related posts, you can delete them or follow this ninja trick that will triple your post engagement.


  • You can create a friends list specifically for marketing purposes by creating a new friends list (under See More on the left side of your Facebook page menu)
  • Facebook will show your sales ads to those people only, boosting engagement
  • Once you’ve received plenty of attention and it begins to slow down, make the post public and create even more engagement


By applying this method to every single one of my personal profile posts, I leveraged this posting system and won the ClickFunnels Dream Car in only 66 days; without ads. There is no reason you can’t see the same success.


Groups and pages can help nurture leads, and a Facebook page offers a chance to utilize a chatbot for your business and run ads, as it gets minimal organic reach. A Facebook Group is your sweet spot until your profitable enough to run ads on your page but to begin, you don’t need anything other than your profile.


Creating Magnetic Content and Moving Through the Phases

The quality of your content and dedication you have to prime your feed will determine how quickly you’re ready to move from Facebook profile to page. Don’t get frustrated; keep going.


You’ll want to be financially and engagement wise in a specific spot before considering taking the next steps. Here is an estimate of where you should be before moving forward from a profile to groups to pages.


  • Profiles: $0 – $10k
  • Groups: $11k – $20k
  • Pages: $21k – $30k


5 Steps to Turn Strangers into Clients and Content Into Money

When it comes to turning your Facebook friends and acquaintances into clients, there are five simple steps to follow that will get you there.


Batch Your Content

By creating your content for the month at one time, you can stay organized, avoid creating content every day, and stay loud and relevant with your followers. All you have to do is take a moment to post.


Prime Everyone Who Engages with Your Content

When people interact with your content, engage back with them. Remember, when you do this, you’re letting Facebook know who you want to interact with and vice versa. You’ll see their content, and they’ll see yours.


Create Posts that Include a Call to Action

Don’t be afraid to create content that includes a call to action or a CTA. A solid CTA is where you ask your followers to continue along your sales funnel, share your post, or contact you for more information. They know you want to help them. Let them share the love and your content by asking them to do so.


Send Those Who Engage a Message

Spark a conversation with those that engage in your content. If you’re uncomfortable reaching out to people you don’t know, try coming up with something to offer them. Maybe a free course and some free downloads. You already have something to provide them with just by starting a conversation, but adding a freebie may boost your confidence.


Make an Offer and Add Your New Client to Your CRM

Use your Facebook Messenger CRM to contact clients, as Facebook will let you know who has responded, who has seen your message, and who requires a response. Let them know what you’ve got on the table and keep track of where they are in the sales process by adding them to your customer relationship management system. Your CRM can be as simple as a spreadsheet, but be sure to stay on top of it.


Approaching Facebook from a Sales Perspective

When you use your Facebook profile to fuel your business, it’s vital to look at Facebook from a sales perspective. When you begin to see it primarily as a business tool, your attitude will change regarding how you use it, and similarily, the way you view your friends.


Utilizing the tools and steps mentioned here will not only get you started on the right foot but take you well on your way to gaining numerous free Facebook leads. You just have to put in the work.

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